Friday, October 24, 2014

Save Glasbury House – Again!

From Redbridge-i Latest News
Glasbury House is being considered for closure in the face of enormous financial challenges.
Redbridge needs to save £70m over the next three years and will have to make incredibly difficult decisions as to how these cuts can be achieved. As part of these savings, proposals to be discussed at service committee include the closure of Glasbury by August 2015.
Glasbury has provided outdoor education services in the Borough for more than 50 years but it relies heavily on a subsidy from the Council in order to operate. Health, Leisure and Older People Service Committee will consider the closure of the centre at its meeting on Monday 3 November.
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The last time this happened was in early 2012. The links to “Save Glasbury House” on that post no longer work, but I rather think there will be another campaign like this in the Ilford Recorder at the time.

This is not our local Council’s fault. The problem lies in Westminster and it is the neo-Liberal privatisation agenda adopted by successive governments who see value only in terms of £s profit and who are convinced that the market is always right.

The site will probably be sold off to speculators for expensive second (third, forth …) weekend homes for rich people who have sucked all the money out of our economy. There is NO SHORTAGE of money, it’s just that it is now concentrated in very few hands. Alternatively it could continue as an exclusive, and expensive, resort for the children of those same rich people. The poor kids won’t get a look in. They’ll be playing with sticks in the gutter.

Reflections on a Grey Day

Barbara Langer, of Martley Drive Gants Hill with her pastel work Reflections on a Grey Day which won the Best In Show award at this year’s Redbridge Art Association exhibition at The Dovecote in Valentines Park.

The show which ran for nine weeks from July to September attracted nineteen hundred visitors and over a thousand of those viewers cast their votes to choose the eight best entries. The seven runners up were Sue Hechtman and Sam Green, members of the same group, George McKelvey, Stephie Butler, Maire Jeffries, Roy Merton and, for his special Great War entry, Frank Collins.

Barbara is a member of the University of the Third Age Art Group which meets every Monday morning at Fullwell Cross library.

She is pictured holding the award which was a cabinet of pastel pencils kindly donated by the Cumberland Pencil Company.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Plain Times of Fairlop

Fairlop Heritage Group recently held a launch for its new website and Teachers Education Packs Key Stage 1 and 2, funded by Olympic Legacy.

It has been created to tell the history of Fairlop Plain situated within the London Borough of Redbridge, only 6 miles (9 kms) north east of the London 2012 Olympic Games Stadium.

Research has revealed a kaleidoscope of significant events within this unique site. From the Ice age, Iron Age, Roman settlements, an ancient Royal forest, Fairlop Oak, Fairlop Fair, RAF military history in two World Wars, the creation of Fairlop Waters, to the Olympic flame rowed across Fairlop Lake in 2012.

It will appeal to people of all ages with a variety of interests, as can be seen from the timeline.

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So, don't waste time here, pop over there (it's just a click away) and have a browse around.

Also we hold our sixth Remembrance Ceremony on 11 November from 1030am. This year we commemorate those from Australia and Poland. All are welcome. Here be details.

David Martin