Friday, July 21, 2017

Highways and Byways – The Road to Hell

Many of you will have noticed that there are highways works going on in Clayhall Avenue and Forest Road. In days of yore these highways works would have been the subject of a report to Area Committees (or before that the Highways Committee) and would have been published with the agenda papers and available for public inspection and scrutiny in libraries and on the council website.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

It’s not Easy Being Green

Meanwhile the London Assembly Environment Committee has published its report:
Park life: ensuring green spaces remain a hit with Londoners (PDF)

There is no need to build on Green Belt
– CPRE Report

We have enough space to build for a minimum of 20 years in London if we meet the 50,000 homes per year target or a 40 year supply if (more realistically) we maintain the 25,000 current build rate: there is no need to build on our precious green spaces.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Valentine Pub to be a 10 storey Hi-Rise

The Valentine Pub in Perth Road Gants Hill is the subject of a planning application by Tide Construction Limited who wish to demolish the iconic 1930s building and replace it with a 10 storey block of flats, mostly one bedroom (the size of a box room in a traditional 3 bed semi) aimed at first time buyers, singles and couples, otherwise known as "buy-to-let".

Trash to Cash

An estimated £238 million worth of reusable or recyclable textiles was sent by Londoners to landfill in a year [1 page 38]. In fact - London throws away nearly 4 billion tonnes of waste each year[2]. Could a circular economy prevent this waste - and turn trash into cash?